Sponge silicone

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Silicone sponge technical features

Sponge silicone is a material with extraordinary characteristics of strength and durability that make it ideal for those applications requiring extreme performances.
It guarantees a wide range of temperatures of use (-60ºC / +250ºC ), even in cases of great variability; it has excellent resistance to flame (also available in self-extinguishing version), aging, outdoor weather, chemical substances and to most solvents. It is soft and fits well around irregular surfaces, maintaining its properties unchanged for long time even when exposed to repeated shocks and compressions. Silicone sponge is also an excellent electric insulator, it is odourless and tasteless, therefore suitable for food use and in pharmaceutical applications. We can supply standard silicone sponges or special grades, specifically made for use with very high temperatures or certified according to FDA, WRAS and UL94 regulations

Sponge silicone
Material Material density (kg/mc) Temperature of use (°C) Physical and mechanical properties Weathering resistance Resistance to fuels Resistance to mineral and vegetable oils Available colors
Silicone 200 - 500 -70 / +250 WellWell Very wellVery wellVery well Non adatto Very wellVery wellVery well *
* available in other colors upon request

Silicone sponge application fields

Sponge silicone has a remarkable molecular memory, making it irreplaceable in hot presses and as vacuum seals, thanks to its ability to recover its original shape. It is also extensively used by automotive industry, aerospace, lighting, food and beverage and medical sectors.

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