Rubber profiles, strips and spools

Foam and Solid products

Sponge rubber profiles (no skin)

After assembling sponge rubber, polyethylene or silicone rolls into the desired thickness, we can obtain spools of various width and in the length you desire, usually 10mt or 20mt. This is the procedure we follow to produce sponge rubber profiles with a square or rectangular cross-section in any size, backed by adhesive layers on one or more sides to facilitate installation or with no adhesive.

Further processing include bevelling on one or more sides, by which we are able to produce long strips of profiles in more complex shapes.

Profili gomma espansa Profili gomma espansa
Bobine gomma espansa Bobine gomma espansa
Taglia rotoli Taglia rotoli
Tagliastrisce espanso Tagliastrisce espanso
Strisce in gomma Strisce in gomma
Profili epdm espanso Profili epdm espanso
Profili espanso sezione rettangolare Profili espanso sezione rettangolare
Profili sagomati non pellificati Profili sagomati non pellificati

Rubber strips, sponge and solid rubber

Following the same procedure but starting from sheets instead or rolls, sponge rubber can be cut into strips or bands, in various thicknesses, width and length.
Solid rubber can also be cut into strips, using the same machineries in the case of low thickness sheets, or resorting to other tools, including waterjet cutting technology.

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