Rubber gaskets

Foam and Solid products

In many cases, sealing gaskets represent a small and invisible component of a more complex product whose malfunction can cause serious damages. It is therefore very important to be careful both in choosing the right material and in creating the appropriate shape for the application. Our customer service in these cases is therefore absolutely focused on every detail of the project requirements; in the creation of shaped products,whether it is washers, gaskets, or tailor made items, we carry out a completely customized work, both in the selection of the most suitable materials and semi-finished products, and in the cutting, milling, or die-cutting of the pieces according to the precise drawing provided by the customer.

Die cut rubber

Die cutting is the most popular choice for large volume orders of low thickness items in both sponge and solid rubber.

A contribution for tooling expenses is required.

CNC milling machines

CNC milling machines can cut a variety of materials, both foam and solid, in low or hi thickness, contour cutting around the edges or carving vertically at adjustable depths.

Suitable for example in manufacturing packaging products.

Knife cutting

We use various knife cutting machines to obtain custom shape rubber products requiring different degrees of precision.

Wider cutting capabilities than a die cutter and no tooling costs required.

It can be effectively used also to cut thin solid and plastic materials.

Waterjet cutting

It is the most versatile technology, allowing to cold cut just about any shape from any material up to 10cm thick with unbeatable precision.

Not requiring tooling costs, waterjet cutting it is a viable solution for both prototyping and full scale production.

We can process all kinds of sponge and solid rubber and we are therefore able to supply:


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