Polyurethane foam technical features

Polyurethane foam: polyether and polyester ​

Polyurethane foam has an open cell cellular structure and presents itself as a soft and flexible material, easily fitting on rough surfaces. It has an elevated resistance to aging and to most solvents and other chemical substances. There are two kinds of polyurethane foams: Polyether and Polyester. Polyether is generally softer and more elastic, it behaves well in contact with water but not with oxidation generated by sun exposure. Polyester on the other hand, has superior qualities, thanks to a more regular cellular structure. It is less elastic but can better absorb shocks and sounds, filter air, better resistance to UV rays, solvents, detergents. It is however less suitable when in contact with heat and water.

Campi di applicazione del poliuretano espanso

Polyether and Polyester are used as mats, car upholstery and seating, cleaning sponges but also for more technically demanding applications such as gasketing material (it can replace EPDM offering great weight savings), in the automotive and boating industries, in filtration,thermal and acoustic insulation, flange sealing on pipes, pumps and compressors, in contact with chemical agents and hydrocarbons, ink pads, packaging, footwear, etc….


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