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Solid rubber, either based on natural rubber or synthetic polymers, appears as a hard product, difficult to compress, such as tyres or conveyor belts, for example. Foam or sponge rubber, on the other hand, is produced by adding a foaming agent to the compound. These agents produce gases that expands during the manufacturing process generating air bubbles (cells) inside the material’s structure. Consequently, foam rubber appears as a soft and light material, easily compressible, ideally suited for the production of seals and gaskets.
It is very useful for us to know all the chemical and physical conditions the material will be exposed to, as the intrinsic properties of each one of them may make them suitable or not for the intended use. In the specific example, both sponge neoprene and sponge epdm may be appropriate but it is not specified whether the material needs to resist to sun light exposure or to extremely high or low temperatures.
We can’t guarantee the lowest prices on the market but in the case of a large discrepancy make sure you are being offered the same product you requested. For example EPDM is a less expensive and performing material compared to neoprene but the differences between the two is not easily discerned even by a well trained eye. At GCI we never sell products that are different from what we declare.
At GCI we always try to meet our clients requests, even for small quantities but we don’t sell directly to the public. For personal use of our products we suggest to look for a local distributor of technical rubber items in your area.
No problem, if you don’t have your own vehicle nor an account with a courier we can take care of the delivery, charging you its cost in the invoice.
In our sector there is a great number of different products and formats. If you have specific needs in terms of format or size, let us know and we will try to source product in that exact format or convert it into it by cutting and/or gluing.
We deal with every request with the outmost care and dedication. For the most commonly ordered items in sponge rubber we are normally able to deliver the goods within a week. If the item you request is not in stock, lead times can be longer. In some extreme urgent cases we are able to deliver the goods on the same day.
We have tried to present on our website the products and services most frequently asked but it is very difficult to show all we can do. We have been on the market for over 30 years and we can surely assist you for all your needs in rubber and foam materials. Contact us now!
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