Extruded rubber products

Extruded profiles in sponge and solid rubber

Rubber extrusion process allows for the production of a wide range of profiles in sponge rubber, solid rubber, silicone or polyethylene. Just send us a drawing of the cross section shape you need and technical specifications and we will take care of the compound and extrusion die. Foam extruded profiles are characterised by an outer skin, unlike standard profiles obtained from splitted sheets. Minimum order quantities depending on the specific shape of the extrusion dies are requested. The typical applications of rubber extrusions are numerous, but among those most frequently found in customer requests we can certainly list the manufacture of gaskets for the electrical sector and for the thermal insulation of pipes; in addition to this, rubber extrusions find wide use in automation, and for the manufacture of jointed rings.

Polyethilene and rubber cords

Foam cords are a particular type of extruded product having a round cross section.

Neoprene based cords are highly requested and always available in stock in various diameters, from 2mm to 25mm, in color black.

Foam cords in other colors, or in EPDM, silicone or polyethylene are also available in various sizes and densities but minimum order quantities are requested.
Often, because of its flexibility, this type of extruded product is also referred to as “rubber rope.”

Tubes and rollers

Tubes in cellular rubber and other foam materials are always produced by extrusion.

They are used mainly in construction and for thermal and acoustic insulation, thanks to their excellent insulating properties.

Orange sponge rubber rollers, on the other hand, are usually obtained by waterjet cutting into thick sheets. The surface is usually quite smooth but it can be improved by grinding rollers if needed.


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