Closed cell EPDM sponge

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EPDM technical features

EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber used in a wide variety of applications. It has excellent resistance to heat, ozone, outdoor weather, UV rays and aging. It also has very good compression set and it behaves well with polar chemicals.

Excellent electrical insulation and good tear resistance. On the other hand it is not suitable when used in contact with hydrocarbons, mineral and synthetic oils and grease, halogenated solvents. Poor flame resistance.

EPDM blend

Besides pure EPDM, we work also with blended materials, ie compounds in which ethylene-propylene is mixed with other polymers that partially alter its main characteristics.

Material Density material (kg/mc) Temperature of use (°C) Physical and mechanical properties Weathering resistance Resistance to gasoline and hydrocarbons Resistance to mineral oils and vegetable Available colors
EPDM 120 - 170 -55 / +150 Poor Very wellVery wellVery well Non adatto Non adatto
EPDM-CR 100 - 150 -50 / +120 Poor Very wellVery wellVery well Poor Poor
EPDM-NR-SBR 120 - 170 -40 / +100 Poor Very wellVery wellVery well Non adatto Non adatto

EPDM fields of application

EPDM is used extensively in outdoor applications, ie windows joints and seals, with high temperatures especially in the presence of hot water or steam (radiators, flexible pipes and wire protections), in construction. It is compatible with the majority of photographic products and it can be used in speakers and various mechanical and automotive applications, even when in contact with brake fluids, as well as in lighting systems. Particularly suitable for cheap gaskets and mouse pads.

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