Cellular Vulkollan: sheets, gaskets, special items

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Cellular Vulkollan® technical features

Lastrine Vulkollan espansoVulkollan® is a polyurethane based polymer with high dynamic performances. Cellular vulkollan presents both open and closed cells and high density (350 to 650 kg/m3).

This material’s main characteristics are its high elasticity and its minimum permanent compression deflection, even when exposed to high pressure. It resists very well to tear and traction forces and to low temperatures, ozone, UV radiation, aging, oils and petrols.

Cellular Vulkollan®
Material Material density (kg/mc) Temperature of use (°C) Physical and mechanical properties Weathering resistance Resistance to fuels Resistance to mineral and vegetable oils Available colors
Vulkollan® 350 - 650 -30 / +80 Very wellVery wellVery well WellWell Well WellWell

Cellular Vulkollan® fields of application

Vulkollan® is the ideal choice for those applications requiring a material that withstands shocks, vibrations and other dynamic forces, even violent and repeated and in the presence with oils, as for instance in the automotive industry, hydraulics and petrochemicals.

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