Our rubber products fields of application

If you operate in one of these sectors, it is very likely that your products require some sort of rubber or foam material gasket.
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Technical rubber items and gaskets

Our materials are the ideal choice for the production of seals and gaskets, protective padding and coverings, insulation and other product solution for several industries.

Technical items wholesalers, resellers and distributors have been finding with us a reliable partner for sheets, rolls, profiles and custom made articles for many years, both for their internal needs or for those of their clients.

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Industrial rubber solutions

Our materials find numerous applications in several industries as an effective solution to problems of dampening, insulating, sound absorption, filtration or protection from air, dust, oils and hydrocarbons.

Our sheets, profiles and gaskets are used both under the hood and inside cockpits of cars, caravans, trains, aeroplanes, motorbikes seats and paddings, by metal carpentries for the production of industrial machineries, die cutters, in HVAC systems or by the petrochemical industry and white goods manufacturers, just to name a few.

Rubber products for construction and interior design

Construction building needs to take into account several external factors, such as temperature, infiltrations, the presence of gaps between door and window seals, noise. Various types or products we deal with are able to protect from air, dust and water, dampen noise and vibrations between walls and floors, insulate pipes from humidity and heat dissipation, dashboards and power panels protection, solar panel, glasses, etc…

Examples of products for construction are: weatherstrips, door and window seals, insulated pipes, expansion joints, gaskets, shock-absorbing pads, rubber mats, subflooring carpets, skirting boards, etc.

Electric insulation, electronics, lighting

Foam and solid rubber and polyethylene are used as electric insulators and as a protection against heat, condensation and dust in power panels, switchboards, printed circuit boards, electric motors and both indoor and outdoor lighting.

On request, we can supply sulphur-free and self-extinguishing products, classified V-0, V-1 or HF-1 under UL 94 standards.

Rubber solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation

Expanded materials absorb shocks and sound, dissipating vibrations within their own cellular network; resist humidity and heat transmission, performing an effective function of acoustic and thermal insulation. Products also available coupled with aluminum or other materials and in a self-extinguishing version, in flat or pyramid-shaped sheets. Also suitable for thermal insulation systems with great benefits in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Some of our insulating products: wall and ceiling panels, subflooring carpet, insulating sheets and profiles for power generators, HVAC systems, cold storage rooms, insulating tubes and pipes.

Certified products for food and health sectors

Our wide range of products allow for an ample spectrum of characteristics that are important for the food and beverages and for the health sector, such as: flexibility, being odourless, sterilizable, and available in various degrees of softness and weight.

They can be air and water tight, resist to various chemical substances and in some cases compliant with FDA, WRAS, EC 1935/2004 rules for contact with food.

Packaging and protective paddings

Foam materials are light and have the ability to absorb impacts, recover their original shape and they are therefore ideal as protections and in the production of packaging solutions. We are able to manufacture custom made pieces with dug out compartments of various shapes and depth, in various materials having different qualities and hardness: sponge rubber, polyethylene, eva, plastazote®.

Some foam packaging products: fragile items wrapping, inserts for briefcases, toolbox setups, cosmetics packaging, sports pads, garment paddings.

Cellular rubber for sports, boating, DIY

Many sports and leisure activities use foam materials for their characteristics of elasticity, flexibility, light weight, impermeability, buoyancy. Often laminated with fabrics or other materials, foam materials are often the most effective and economical solution in a lot of sectors. Call us for a project feasibility analysis or for production of these items

Applications examples: yoga or camping mats, sporting goods protections, floats for pools, backpack paddings, knee pads, gym mats, playground floors, boats cushions, neoprene bags.