Closed cell EVA foam

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EVA foam technical features

Eva espanso EVA is a co-polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate with very fine closed cells, impervious to air and liquids. Vinyl acetate gives EVA more resistance and “rubbery feel” compared to polyethylene.
It is available in various colours and densities, it shows great elasticity, flexibility, mechanical resistance and dielectric properties. EVA is a good insulator and it withstands well to low temperatures and UV radiation

EVA foam
Material Material density (kg/mc) Temperature of use (°C) Physical and mechanical properties Weathering resistance Resistance to fuels Resistance to mineral and vegetable oils Available colors
Eva 100 - 200 -10 / +70 WellWell Very wellVery well Very wellVery wellVery well Very wellVery wellVery well

EVA foam fields of application

EVA finds application in several sectors, ie sports, boating, orthopaedics, promotional gadgets, automotive, motorcycles, packaging, athletic footwear, kids play mats, toys and protection paddings.

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